3 reasons to be kind today

Being kind is not just something we should all aspire to be because it’s trending – although it is a great trend to follow. There are so many benefits to be kind, and on World Kindness Day I thought I’d highlight a few for us to ponder on for future actions.

1. Being kind help reduce our stress levels, improve your emotional wellbeing, and can have a positive impact on our physical health.

2. Being kind breaks barriers. It can heal relationships and build friendships.

3. Being kind changes our world one action at a time.

Whether you allow yourself to smile and make eye contact with someone on the street today, or actively do something to give some time to visit an elderly person in your world or a sick person in the hospital. There are lots of ways we can find to be kind today to ourselves and others around us.

A recent study by Age UK showed that a staggering 225,000 senior citizens can see a whole week go by without talking to anyone face-to-face.

If you are struggling today with your own progress, happiness, or mental health, then perhaps take a break from it all today in trying to conquer world domination to find someone around you who could do with a helping hand. You might find it does you just as much good to be kind as it does for the person receiving your kindness.

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