New year, New goals: 5 tips for setting goals in 2019

We are half way through January, and whilst a lot of people talk about setting goals for 2019 I know that there are some of you that like me entered into the new year and wasn’t quite clear on what you wanted to achieve this year. Some people are choosing words that they believe is their word for the year, others are setting goals and dreams. Back in December, there were lots of people posting year-end highlights and talking about all the high points in their year. There was a lot of information, and to be honest last year was a new beast for me. It was full of juggling, testing, trusting, and building muscles in areas that I didn’t realize that I needed to grow in. In many ways, it was a year of trusting the process. I took on a full-time role that came with all kinds of challenges, and for a while, I also had to slow things down with passion and business just to take care of me. There were lots of balls in the area, but standing on the other side of that year I can safely say it was a good year. It took perseverance, stretching, and lots of trusts as I learned to adjust to new heights and altitude.

I normally stop in November/December to start reflecting on my year, but in all honesty, I’ve only really started journaling my reflection this month. Now that I’m feeling ready and set up for the year, I wanted to share some of my own top tips that I believe if you apply them to your life will help you too.

1. Take time to think about what you are thinking about

Grab yourself a chair, get up 15 mins early and make yourself a coffee. Perhaps for you, it’s a Saturday morning walk with the dog or a trip to your local coffee shop. Whatever you need to do take some time for you this over the next week and block all distractions out and reflect on what worked well for you last year, what things do you want to bring into this year or leave in the past.

2. Take note and write it down

I live by this strategy as many of you know… writing things down helps your brain to create the memory, sort memories out, and gives you something tangible to see when setting yourself up for your life in 2019. What are three or four areas that you would like to focus on this year? Then drill down on them and write down a few steps that might help you achieve success in that particular goal or area. If you want to improve your health and lose weight, then you might want to think about googling health recipes, perhaps planning a workout or a walk. There is such power in writing things down.
I know I talk about this a lot, but if all else should fail and you just can’t bear to think about goal setting right now, then take a load off and just find three things that you are thankful for each day and take note.

3. Place value on self-care

It’s so easy to get bogged down with what we need to do and avoid any time for thinking about what we want, what’s good for us, and what we are doing to take care of ourselves. That will look different for everyone, and can be as simple as allowing yourself to spend money on bubbles for your bubble bath, coffee from your favourite coffee shop, or taking up a course (there are so many free ones out there), and read that book you’ve always wanted. If life is always about work, have to’s, and shoulda coulda woulda then it’s time to shake it off and reboot your creativity. Trust me, it’s amazing what happens when you are kind to yourself for once.

4. Don’t underestimate your habits or your choices

Remember that it’s the small decisions that no one sees that bring results that everyone wants. As Jim Rohn says, motivation is what gets you started. Habits are what keep you going.

“If your habits don’t line up with your dream, then you need to either change your habits or change your dream.” John Maxwell

5. When all else is done, trust the process

We can’t predict the future or change the past, but we do have the opportunity and choice with what we do with today and the next 350 days left in this year. Remember growth isn’t a straight light, it’s a process with many high’s and low’s along the way.

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”
― Nelson Mandela

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