5 top tips for celebrating National Handwriting Day

Today is National Handwriting Day. This is the day where we are encouraged to put down our phones, keyboards, and other electronic goods to celebrate the good old fashioned pen and paper. Handwriting has become a dying art according to some reports around surveys carried out over the last few years.

David H. Baker, an Executive Director at WIMA told The Telegraph a few years back that “Though computers and e-mail play an important role in our lives, nothing will ever replace the sincerity and individualism expressed through the handwritten word.” He went on to add that “throughout history, handwritten documents have sparked love affairs, started wars, established peace, freed slaves, created movements and declared independence.” I happen to agree with him, and a report last year in The Express revealed results of a more recent survey in the UK showed four in 10 adults say they are too embarrassed by their handwriting to send a letter and are opting for text and email instead.

This makes me sad because there is so much beauty in writing by hand. It reveals insight into our personalities and uniqueness. When we take notes with a pen we are able to retain the information for longer than by text or email. There are lots to be celebrated about this craft. To mark the day here’s a few quick ideas on what you can do to keep the art alive and hopefully this will encourage you to fall in love with your own handwriting again.

1. Write a letter

We can often overthink and over analyse in this increasingly pressured digital world we all live in. Don’t think, just write. You may even want to write a letter to yourself. This can be a good way of getting your thoughts out on a page and help you sort through confusion when making tough decisions.

2. Write a thank you note

There is nothing like receiving a handwritten note to add a personal touch. Whether it’s to say thank you for being a friend in time of need or to show appreciation for a person or something they have done that helped you. It could be a million different things, but the point is that taking a little time to use your craft in a meaningful way goes the extra mile.

3. Write a card

As tempting as it may be to order a digital card and write your note in a box on a website, and as lovely that service is. Why not plan to write a card and send a note to a friend who needs a little encouragement, has moved home, or maybe it’s their birthday,

4. Write your shopping list

I confess that I added this in as it’s something I need to do.

5. Start a journal.

There are all kinds of journals that you can do, but why not grab a notebook and pen, and think about start marking out the moment that can become a treasure and a memory to look back on for years to come. It doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact, it can be rather fun and help spark that creative flare in you.

If you are struggling to pick up that pen and find the idea of writing daunting, then now might also be a good time to tell you about my new writing challenge #WhatIfIJournalWithYou. This year, I’ll be running a journaling challenge to help those who perhaps haven’t journaled before, or in a while to find tips and tricks to help you get the hang of your pen and find a positive way to help us deal with our thoughts or plan and achieve those goals we have all either set or are thinking of setting our sights on accomplishing this year.

So make sure you are following me on Instagram Stories every Sunday, although I will be sharing updates on Facebook and Pinterest throughout the week, for prompts and tips to help you on your writing journey.

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