7 reasons why write

It’s National Writing Day, and if you can’t tell, I love to write. However, today I wanted to come up with a few reasons to help you along your writing journey. Here are 7 reasons to write. Which one resonates with you more?

1. It helps clear your head and blow the anxious cobwebs away.
There is nothing like a daily discipline of writing to help inform your thinking and future choices.

2. You can explore things that make you feel stressed or anxious.

3. It helps create memories.

By writing things down science shows us that when we write, we increase the chances of remembering an event or something we’ve learned.

4. Writing helps to capture emotions, thoughts, and feelings much more than a photo can.

5. It’s fun and a great way to explore a world you haven’t lived before.

When we’re kids we naturally gravitate towards storytelling, whether that’s through play, or watching our favourite cartoon characters. Imagination as Albert Einstein tells us is everything. It’s the preview of life’s coming attractions.

6. It inspires creativity.

7. Writing is a great tool for problem-solving.

I love to write. For me it’s as important as breathing. I hope that something today inspired you to pick up your notebook, and have a go. If so, do let me know. I’d love to hear about your story and how writing impacts your life.

And as we’re talking about Habits this month, why not start by writing down your list of 2 or three habits that you would like to introduce to your life that might help you achieve your weight goal, write that book, and more.

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