7 survival tips for creating an effective workspace this summer

Have you been struggling like me with the muggy temperatures circulating this past few weeks? We are smack bang in the middle of summer and according to the weather experts we are about to enter a heatwave here in the UK as temperatures prepare to sore to the hottest on record this year. Expected to peak around 37C in parts on Thursday, we are about to break an all time record! Yup, that’s right! So if you are working either in a coffee shop with your laptop, in the library, or an office like me; here are 7 tips to make sure you survive the weather and still get work done!

1. Stay hydrated

It sounds simple, but it’s an essential if you want to avoid passing out whilst in cover. We are not all lucky enough to have air-con in our office and work space, so make sure you grab yourself a glass or bottle of water and drink that water!

2. Ventilate

If you have air con then you will be in a good spot. If not, I recommend grabbing a fan whether that’s a desktop or handheld fan and sticking it on your desk to help keep the air moving through the day. Open windows and doors if you are in a small space.

3. Take regular breaks

I know how challenging this can be. I work from home a few days each week, and thanks to my Fitbit I’ve noticed I burn a third of the calories I burn on an average day. Just getting up to go for a cold drink or ice lolly can do wonders for your creative juices and productivity levels, and we could all do with giving our eyes a break from our mobile and desktop screens once in a while, right?!

4. Dress for the occasion

Help your productivity increase by dressing for the occasion. Wear light clothes where possible, and avoid sweating buckets by layering up. Cotton items are a good option.

5. Listen to your body

The worst thing you can do is continue to work if you begin to feel unwell. Headaches, dizziness, over sweating, or fast heart beat can be symptoms of heat exhaustion so please be careful out there. My partner suffered from this a few months back during the hot weather in April and it was not a fun experience.

6. Eat well

I know it’s so easy to skip meals when we’re on holiday in the sun, but this is not good practice. If you want to survive this week, make sure you stock up on some good healthy foods and eat regularly.

7. Position yourself well

Take shade where ever you can. Don’t sit with the sun beaming in your face for 8 hours in the day. It’s a bad idea. And remember, hot air rises, so choose to sit in the bottom of the double decker bus, or in the inside seat of the train (when commuting). I also learnt that lesson about a month ago coming back from London.

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