Story Behind The Design: Strawberry Art Print

This year I thought it was time to introduce a little context and background behind the designs at Frame Your World. There's a lot of variety in my work and over the last year, it's only become more varied.

Whilst I started with hand lettering prints and quotes that I hoped would inspire and bring courage to those who read them, last year I introduced illustration art prints back into my life in a big way.

The first of those new designs was my simple but cute friend, Strawb or Strawberry as she is more formally known.

Whilst Art was my best subject at school, and I was known as the bag kid who carried books, pens, pencils and dvd around with her whenever she traveled; even short distances... Life brought a season of uncertainty as I lost confidence and sight in the things that make me, me.

I'm still in awe of how far I've traveled personally this past year. Making my sticker collection, Washi tape line, and growing in courage with my art and style every day has been something fun to hold on to in this rather unusual time.

I've just given our planner stickers a new freshen up, I've introduced my strawberry design to our clothing collection and I'm excited for our resident strawb to make a return appearance in Summer 2021.



Have you met Strawb yet? I know a few have loved her greeting card and print "A very special Strawb."

What else would you like to see from our little studio in 2021?


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