Making Die Cut Stickers For The First Time

This past week has been super hectic behind the scenes of Frame Your World. I launched our 2nd episode of the podcast for series 2, and it didn't launch properly because I was playing around with some features in the platform that I use. I only discovered that yesterday, so that was fun. 

I am so grateful though because a large reason for this week being busy is that I created & launched several new products including a new line of die cut stickers that I am so excited for. 

It was one of those products that I really wanted to create, but sub consciously put off due to not having the head space to reject the fear that comes with taking a step into a new product area. Can anyone else in the world of art or business relate to the fear I'm talking about?

making die cut stickers for the first time

Despite having die cut stickers on my goals for sometime in February, I decided to have a go late last Friday night whilst creating some cactus planner stickers for my bullet journal spread this month. I'm so glad I did. 

Last weekend we held our first virtual market on Facebook. Matt helped out with the tech set up and produced the market, whilst I walked through the products with our amazing community. 

It went so well that I've had a large week of packing orders between Etsy & the market. I've had a few custom orders to design, print & pack too. 

Take a peak with my very relaxing studio vlog post below. If you like it, your support through liking or subscribing to the channel goes a long way to helping support local business. 



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