Studio Update: Week 51

Studio Update: Week 51

It's officially 4 days before Christmas and the time is flying past. This year was a busy year for me, personally, and in the midst of this year I started a new brand called Honeybee Art, which I thought was a great way to make sense of the quote prints and art designs I've been doing more off.

This bright idea involved me building a new website and brand that I've recently decided to combine into one website as it turned out a lot to manage. Who knew?

Whilst juggling my day job, in marketing for those new here, and getting ready to host my first family Christmas, I haven't been as active online as I hoped.

Still, little by little I'm getting there and hopefully this is the start of consistent uploads where I give you lots of interesting content that includes a weekly studio update.

I love this time of year for reflecting and goal setting so lots to share and update you on in the coming weeks. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas if we don't speak before.

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