What is Love?

Did you know that love is a verb & noun? I’m sure you did, but it’s not something I’ve thought of a lot since high school. We perfect our native language from a young age, various components help shape that into a dialect, various tweaks based on a bunch of factors and off we go. 

With valentine’s day approaching, I’ve been designing a bunch of new cards & stickers. I’ve also been experimenting with new designs and doodles. It made me think about love and so today I’m sharing a few ideas on how we can spread and share love around. 

Goodness knows, it feels like we could all do with some hugs and a little kindness right now. As love is a verb & a noun, we can choose different ways to express it. Below are three ideas to spread some love.


Can we be friends?

Tell someone you love them

Now, this is a big one and can be used in different ways, holding different meanings, but if you haven’t told someone important in your life that you love them, then maybe it’s a good time to send a note, text, or greetings card and let them know you care. Silence is not golden here. We need to be reminded from time to time. 

Spend quality time with someone 

The act of spending time with someone can be a great way to show love. Whether that’s a walk in the park, or a coffee with a friend or loved one (even over zoom) can speak 1000 words. 

Acts of kindness

It’s been lovely to see so many gifts purchased through our store lately. We send every gift with a little specially designed note card to share a message or note left from the buyer to the person receiving their gift. Random acts of kindness are a great way to show love.

There are a few more ways that you can show love, and the beauty of this is that each of us is so unique in how we receive and spread love. A great book, I recommend reading is 5 love languages by Gary Chapman. You can find it here on Amazon or in your local bookstore.

And let’s remember that love isn’t just for February or a partner, husband, or wife - and yes it is for them too; but it’s for you, me, and everyone we meet. Love is self-care, and love is kind, and love is always the best option 365 days of the year.

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  • It’s good to show respect and love for family, friends especially people who you are close to

    Maisy Allbless

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