Why We're Switching To Eco-Friendly Packaging

Why We're Switching To Eco-Friendly Packaging

We're making a change. It's time to switch to eco-friendly packaging. We want to do our part to be kind to the planet and reduce the use of plastic. 

If you follow us on social media you might have noticed a few new changes being talked about across our platforms. 

Switching to biodegradable packaging was one of our goals set out in January this year, and we've smashed it. We aimed to move the business over from old supplies to the new biodegradable ones by the end of 2021. Thanks to the support of our lovely community and customers, we've been able to bring that forward and I've never been so proud or excited for the future of Frame Your World than right now. There is lots more news to come, but in the mean time, we hope you will raise a cheer with us to making such an important step in our small business journey. 

Stay tuned for more important news coming soon. 



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