What to do when life doesn’t go to plan

Hello framemakers, I hope you are all having a great week. I’m checking in with you from bed this week. I arrived home from Scotland on Sunday, and despite a busy day at work yesterday and last night, I’ve arrived at work this morning feeling rather rough. It’s not a big surprise with it being winter, and lots of people around me not well. And yet, I was still shocked to see the ice warning appear on my car today on the drive home. It’s too early for it to be 4 degrees in Oxfordshire yet… surely? Anyway, as it’s entrepreneurs day, what better topic to talk about than this one… what to do when life doesn’t go to plan?

As an entrepreneur, I know all too well what that feels like. Having moved country, experienced my first heartbreak in one of the loneliest cities in the world. I found myself moving from flat to flat, from contract to contract and facing extreme financial constraints that come with living in the most expensive cities in the country – all before starting my own business back in January 2016.

According to an article by MSN, a report found that you need £7,090 a month to live comfortably in London, and that’s an important fact to consider here as this was certainly not the easiest ride to give me. However, I will argue that the experiences and connections that I made along the way made the three and half year stint in the big smoke worthwhile.

So having surfed the waves of entrepreneurship and faced multiple failures, dealing with loneliness and anxiety, I thought I’d share a few of my own tips for any budding entrepreneur like myself and really anyone has experienced some kind of failure can benefit from what I’m about to say.

1. Nobody starts out an expert

I am a big believer in positive thinking, and sometimes that takes work. Let’s be real, life, growing up, culture all play a part in trying to shape our perspective in life and that doesn’t always happen to be a positive one. However, the good news is that we all have a choice. We don’t always get a choice in how things start, but we get a choice in how they end. I think it’s important when you start out to achieve anything, you remind yourself that nobody starts out an expert.

I love this quote from Sebastian Coe on parenting;

“Nobody ever becomes an expert parent. But I think good parenting is about consistency. It’s about being there at the big moments, but its also just the consistency of decision making. And it’s routine.”

This is applicable to many other areas of life too.

2. Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best

Launching a business, starting a job, raising a child, marriage, or a goal to get healthy… they all take longer than we first anticipated. An important point for those of postmillennial age or otherwise known as Generation Z. The digital world has served us many opportunities, but it has also brought a number of challenges with it, i.e. selfie culture, the need for speed, and complacency to contend with. Any good thing takes time to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best is not a negative statement, but a call to get ready for whatever that goal is for you.

3. Get in a community

It has been clinically proven by a group of psychologists that the cure for drug addiction is not methadone but in fact, community. There is power in the gathering of like-minded people, and whilst entrepreneurship, parenthood, and even extend that to other spheres that include specific job roles and student life that can often feel like one long lonely road to walk, the truth of the matter is we need each other. There are networking groups and interest-based groups, and community groups that are a great way to pull us off that “one track road” and remind us that even though we may feel alone at times in our walk and pursuit of a dream or goal, we are not truly alone. Don’t rely on social media alone either to form that community. It requires face to face interaction, and you will be surprised how quickly you can overcome the other obstacles you face in business, marketing, parenthood, relationships, and all areas of life when you allow yourselves the opportunity to form friendships and find a community where you can be open and honest about your journey.

I hope you found this helpful. Do let me know your thoughts, comments, and any feedback you have about this blog or any of the points that you think I’ve missed at leanne@fywcompany.com

Wherever this finds you I hope you are framing your world well this week.

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