Frame it Monday

Happy Easter! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. In today’s frame it Monday post we are interviewing Life and Career Coach, Erika Scarth.

Erika Scarth

Where you’re based: London

If you don’t mind us asking, how old are you? 25

What’s your business name? Life and Career Coach.

Tell us a little about you and your passion/how you came to start your own business?

I’ve been working with people in the UK and abroad for over 4 years to help them connect with their inner voice, their courage and confidence so that they make decisions that are truly right for them.  I’m fascinated by what it means to be authentic and that feeling of being in your power, making decisions that truly serve you rather than the decisions that we think we should be making.

My business began when I realised that I wanted to spend more of my working life doing this work and connecting with people on this deeper level.  Since then, I’ve had the support of business mentors, the Prince’s Trust, entrepreneurs, mastermind and community groups to create it and build it.  Each day brings new learnings and watching my clients’ grow and develop is inspirational.

  1. What’s been the highlight of your journey so far?

When I started my journey, it felt like I was walking uphill through honey!  I was terrified!  Before every session, I would get anxious and nervous, my hands would be clammy and I’d get this pulsing headache that was so painful I could barely think.  I almost stopped coaching because I found it so hard.  However, I held onto the little droplet of joy I felt whenever a client shared a new accomplishment, discovered something important about themselves or thanked me for being on their journey with them.  Slowly, slowly, my confidence grew.  So every moment has been a small highlight in itself, enabling me to grow and move forwards with my vision.

  1. What’s been one of the biggest challenges that you’ve faced recently, and how have you overcome or dealt with that?

Getting my head around the numbers!  Something I’m learning fast is that there’s what you do (which you can be great at) and the business side of things – strategy, numbers, marketing, having your team (which you might not be so good at).  A successful business requires both of these sides.  I’ve been connecting with people who can support this side, collaborating with other business owners to provide mutual benefits and support, and finding resources that help me learn new and exciting things.

  1. What or who inspires you most in life, or what’s your favourite inspirational quote?

I’m inspired by a few people, mostly people I know, who show me new ways of thinking and behaving.  I have a friend who has an unwavering dedication to his work so I learn that from him, another friend has exceptionally high standards for himself so I learn how to raise my own standards for myself, with another friend we have really deep discussions about what makes an amazing connection with someone so I learn a lot.

One of my favourite quotes is from Winnie the Pooh:

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

It reminds me that, whilst we sometimes doubt ourselves, we are capable of so much more than we think.  It reminds me of why I do the work I do and how important it is because we all deserve to recognise our worth and life the life we love.

  1. If you were to frame your year with ONE word, what would it be?


  1. Name one hobby you like to do in your spare time.

I love hiking.  In less than a month I’ll be trekking up to the Everest Base Camp and last Summer I went up Mount Fuji.  Once or twice a month I’ll spend a day with some fellow hikers exploring the English country side.

  1. Goal for 2017?

To expand my practice and my network, making genuine connections and collaborations with people.

  1. Where can we find out more about you/your passion/your business?

You can find out more at and on Instagram.  I also run workshops in London – details of these can be found at

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