Frame it Friday with Sarah-Lou Reid

Frame it friday with Sarah-Lou

Hello, beautiful people! Welcome to our #FrameitFriday blog post where we’ll be interviewing speaker, leader and pastor Sarah-Lou Reid on her world, and getting a glimpse into the frame of this young, dynamic and relevant influencer from Oxford, UK.

Tell us your name: Sarah-Lou

Where you’re from: From Heaven – I’m kidding, I’m from Oxfordshire.
If you don’t mind us asking, how old are you? 29

Name your passion? Public Speaker – Building church

Tell us a little about you and your passion? I started volunteering at my local church at the age of 15. I was organising the Mothers Day service, and I was meant to stand up and deliver a poem, but in the end ended up encouraging mothers. It was in that moment, I knew that’s what I was called to do and have been nurturing it ever since. Whilst doing this I discovered a love for building people up, encouraging them, and giving people a sense of hope. As a result, I decided to get heavily involved in my local church, planning events and going out on mission trips. Being around people from different walks of life I realised that there is so much more to life, it not just about waking up, going to sleep and making money. It is so much deeper than that.

What’s been the highlight of your journey so far?
Seeing people who where maybe depressed, dealing with self harm,or going through a traumatic experience get to a place of full freedom. 

What’s been one of the biggest challenges, and how have you overcome or dealt with that?

Myself! From a young age, I knew I was called to set an example, however; it was hard because I just wanted to do what other people were doing, but I needed to set an example. I have made mistakes and got it wrong so many times. There is always a voice inside your head saying ‘you can’t do it,’ which I had to overcome by telling myself, ‘yes I can.’

Who inspires you most in life?

Mainly my mum and dad. Their consistency, passion, drive, and ability to love people even when it’s inconvenient for them. I am also inspired by Charlotte Gambill, who is a public speaker and pastor from Life Church, Bradford. Her heart for people goes above beyond, and she looks good doing it. When you love and it is not beneficial to you it’s the greatest love of all. This is something I see those people demonstrate daily.

If you could give our readers one piece of encouragement for this year what would it be?

You are more than enough despite the circumstance and the environment around you. You can overcome, and you don’t just exist ‘to make it.’As cheesy as it sounds, you have a purpose. I believe God wants to do so much through you. I dare you to trust him! Ok, that’s more than one piece of advice, but I would just say enjoy the journey of life, and have hope and be expectant for a good outcome. Failing all of that just love people, and love yourself. You’re absolutely beautiful.

Great encouragement! Now, if you could Frame Your World with ONE verb, what would it be?

One thing people don’t know about your passion that you wish they would?
I am not perfect. I mess up and get things wrong too.

Give us one goal you have for 2017? Love God = Love people

Last, but not least can you share a favourite food?

Omg that’s the best question… and in no particular order:

  • Jack Daniel Ribs
  • Curry Goat.. yes, goat with Chapatti
  • Lamb chops or steak

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