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What do we do when life doesn’t go as planned? What do we do when the dream looks further away than when we first started to dream? What fear are we allowing us to stay stagnant from the pursuit of something we actually dream of living in.

I’ve been thinking a lot about failure and fear lately – both two very deep topics on their own. I won’t tempt to write a book in this post today, but introduce or share a simple thought process with the aim of giving you an alternative thought you could potentially find useful to take and apply to your life goals.

Largely I find fear a hindrance to pursuing dreams can be put down to fear of the unknown or fear of failure. The idea of change, uncertainty and getting out of our comfort zone can keep us from living the life we actually want. I’m not saying that if you prefer routine, instruction and structure that is wrong. The truth is we’re all unique and measure success differently, and that’s what makes us wonderful.

I have come to learn that there have been areas in my own life where I know I’m capable of doing something but somehow allowed life, culture and popular opinion to creep in and cause me to doubt and pull back in fear. This has only delayed me, and discouraged me from achieving the goal. The good news is we don’t need to stay stuck in our past mistakes.

In a book written by John C Maxwell, called Failing Forward he discusses the idea and study found that it is better to try and fail as many times as possible, because the more mistakes we make the more we learn, create, adapt and get better.

“Failing is not getting knocked down, but failing to get back up.”

“What defines us is how well we rise after falling.”

I think it was T.D Jakes who once said we can either be who we are or a poor imitation of who we ‘think’ we should be. Don’t be scared to be your uncut, rough round the edges, all beautiful self. No one starts out an expert as my good friend Grace Lewis tells me.

Take away thought: Don’t let the fear of failure or not being good enough stop you from being your authentic self. #frameitFriday

Recommended book: Failing Foward by John C Maxwell.






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