FYW diary entry 02

I’m feeling inspired today… despite yesterday long trip and a fall out with Google map’s it’s been a pretty exciting weekend for lots of people. Whilst I was at the Home and Gift Festival in Harrogate Roger Federer was winning Wimbledon for the 8th time – pretty cool. And Lewis Hamilton smashed it at Silverstone race on Saturday! The sun has been back and shining on our beautiful land… it seems it’s been a rather eventual weekend.

I’m currently sitting on a bench waiting for my train to Banbury. I’ve got an interview with a lovely E-commerce company for a digital marketing role. I’ve been recording a few snaps for my NEW vlog Daily Lee,  which I am going to be consistent with and publish every Sudnay on You Tube at 9 am – so be sure to follow and click subscribe so that I can let you know when I’ve uploaded.

I actually love writing and pulling little videos together but haven’t really been able to keep up with things until now. The reason for that is I’ve been a little overwhelmed with other areas of life caving in on me. Last week was so busy that I scheduled some time to write in some content (upon the advice of other successful people who said I should do that to maximise my time), but when I sat down in that assigned hour time slot I found myself staring at a blank page. It took me 20/30 mins to write two paragraphs and it just felt flat. The whole reason I’m making the effort to film and blog is that I actually have fun doing it, but when I start putting pressure on myself to perform at a level, then I suck the very life out of my passion. I feel like we could all be guilty of that. And so whilst this week’s vlog may not be where I want it to be yet, I hope you get a feel for my random quirky personality and begin to unravel snippets of me and my wonderful… crazy adventure called life.

Would love to hear any feedback you might have, so don’t be shy!

I love a good snap, so here are a few of my favourite snaps from this week.

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Lunch with the girls on Saturday led to a brief shopping trip, with a stop to the Merchant city carnival. And yep, you guessed it… it rained. Of course, it did. This is Scotland. After the waiter duped me into choosing an alternative option on the menu, it turns out this roast beef sandwich with carmelised onion and cheddar was a sweet choice. Oh and I may or may not have taken the empty glass bottle of Irn-Bru home! I don’t know what to tell you it’s cute and it gives Irn-Bru a finer taste. I highly recommend.

scottish beef and carmelized oinionsScottish beef sandwich part 2IMG_6863My girlsTim Hortons


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