Happy New Year

Happy new yearI wanted to take a moment to thank you for the support and encouragement you have brought me this year. Whether you purchased an item, or simply stopped by one of our stalls. I am so thankful for the journey of 2016, which birthed this beautiful business. I have learnt so much in the space of a few months, and never been busier in life than right now. So much so I am actually taking a break from moving house, city and indeed juggling my first love and a day job. This is only the beginning, and I am super excited for the new products, more markets and lots more interesting, funny and inspiring content in the works for this very website. I hope you’re signed up to our email if you aren’t then you can do so at the bottom of this page. I love popping extra special vouchers, and it’s going to be where we drop all our exclusive news updates so be sure to stay in the know.

I’m not sure what kind of year you’ve had, I know there have been lots of shocking moments this year for the world as a whole, but I was personally encouraged by listening to the Queen’s speech over Christmas dinner and saved my takeaway quote from her speech below for us all to keep in mind.

I like to think of a word that sums up something I’d like to see more of in this new year, and for me this year the word I’ve to choose is hope. I wonder if you might find it helpful to consider what you’d like to see more off in 2017. For some, it may be restoration, love, peace, or for others, it could be fruitfulness. Whatever that may be for you, I have found it way more helpful to find one thing to look for instead of striving to achieve several new years resolutions that never work for me. I tend to find it better to set some lifestyle choices in place, rather than make whimsical statements that are unrealistic or something I’m not really prepared for.

2017 Year of Hope

It’s almost time to head out and celebrate, so I will just leave you with my love and best wishes for you to have a wonderful year, and I look forward to meeting, speaking and hopefully bringing you lots more inspiration and encouragement in the new year! Happy New Year!!!

All my love,



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