I don’t know about you but I used to treat the word hope like it was a wish… I hope that will happen, or I hope that doesn’t happen. I hope I’ll make it, but the hope is a wish. Hope by definition is a desire accompanied by expectation or belief in fulfilment. We don’t have to feel hope to have it or see it before we experience it. We can choose to have it by raising our expectation. What we tell ourself and what we believe is more important to what we see or feel. Not that this is another positive thinking pumped up the post either. Far from it. This is going much deeper than that. It’s far too easy for us to skim over words like hope and anchor and soul and think they are two a penny. However, my friend words are not cheap and we must give them the recognition they deserve by not cowering to the fast pace of culture that continues to increase our engine and drain our brain fuel. If hope is our expectation, then the anchor is the assurance, steadfast and immovable confidence that keeps us stable. One definition says an anchor is a person or thing, which provides stability or confidence than the otherwise uncertain situation.

I love that. That means we don’t have to be worried, scared or fearful in an uncertain situation when we have an expectation of hope that anchors our soul – soul, being our mind, spirit and body.

So I challenge us to look a little deeper at the areas we need to focus on in the next season of our lives. Rather than skim past words like they are 10 a penny, take a second look. After all, it’s not inspiration that creates lasting change, we need revelation for that.

Peace out.



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