How to create the life you want to lead

What are you waiting for?

Create a life that others want to know how you did it? Not so you can be so full of yourself but that you might then be able to extend a hand of hope, faith, love. We all need these three. No matter your occupation, demographic, background, or bank balance. And as my good friend Grace will say, nobody starts out an expert. So what’s up? What are you holding on to?

I started this business 3 years ago this month, and with the help of the Prince’s Trust, I began trading on 9th July 2016. The truth is, it hasn’t been plain sailing. I’ve sold hundreds of books but tethered with myself over unexpected and painfully personal experiences, holding down a job so I could put a roof over my head, being hundreds of miles from home, and doing it all from one of the most expensive places in the United Kingdom.

I haven’t always got it right. I’ve made many mistakes and learned many lessons along this journey, and despite all the obstacles, challenges, and stresses I’ve endured and continue to face… I am soooooo passionate about seeing this vision I have come into my reality. Why? Because when I was 12 years old my dad sat me down and asked me what I would do if I’d won £1 million, which was a lot back then. I stopped to think about my answer, and my answer was to help people.
I want to partner with you, and with the charities that we will together work with to see real change take place in our world. I believe we are stronger when we are one.

And here’s the shocker?!? Despite the ebbs and flows I’ve encountered along this journey, I’m still here! I have never felt more equipped and empowered to sow into your life through Frame Your World.

So with all of that being said… I want to encourage you to look deep within and check you aren’t hiding behind the dream in your heart. Take a step today, cast your vote to create a habit that will take you to the destination you so desire. Tomorrow isn’t promised, and today you have a choice. What will you do with the vote you have been given? Who will you become? What will you do with your gifts and talents?

I’ll ask you again… what are you waiting for?

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