How to deal with anxiety during quarantine

We are a few weeks into lockdown in the UK, and every week I’m noticing trends in how we’re coping with our new temporary normal. 

If you are struggling mentally with staying positive and motivated then I want to help where I can today. Having gone through three years of severe anxiety not that long ago, I’ve picked up a few tool along the way that I hope can help you when one of those waves hits.


  1. 1. Stop and take a deep breathe – Recognise that it’s a wave that will pass. Our feelings will shift. Be careful not to make any big decisions in those moments because by experience they can tend to be quiet rash. Through taking two or three deep breathes you help regulate yourself. Anxiety causes shallow breathing which just inflames what goes on in our bodies when we feel overwhelmed.

2. Distract yourself – Using your hands to cut vegetables, bake a cake, or sow if that’s your think can be a great help. I’m likely to use my journal or colour in, but try and distract yourself from the moment. The last think you want is to let anxiety take over your full day.

3. Journal – Like I mentioned… I journal. It helps me process my thoughts and just get out the toxic thoughts or thing that are going over and over in my head. We can’t control which thoughts fly over our air space, but we can control which thoughts come into land. 

 Let me know how you get on. We are here for you so you don’t need to do this alone.

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