In over my head: How to survive a chaotic week

So this is a different kind of post…This week I’ve been working super hard to launch two new notebooks, whilst holding down a full-time job, a relationship, maintain friendships, time for myself, and all the duties that come with being the sole responsible for a home, and I pretty much crashed and burned from going around 100mph for several weeks.

The list of things “I had to do” had become so consuming, I felt like I was drowning, and yet still fighting to get through. I entered survival mode, but I wasn’t surviving very well. And the more coffee I drank to keep me awake the more on edge I became.

Note to self, coffee is not the drink to drink when you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious. 

With plenty of coffee on tap, I found it hard to switch my brain off from work and business, and eventually even harder to make a decision, to just relax.

Don’t get me wrong. I love that I get do build what I’m building and I have so much to be thankful for in life this year than any other year, but it doesn’t negate from growing pains either. There is no manual for how to build a life for the exact dream that you see in your heart. And have you noticed that no two dreams are the same? I sometimes forget that part, but it’s an important thought to pause on. We live so connectedly today that we can easily misinterpret a life we see on social media. Have you ever caught the envy bug? Compared yourself to a blogger, “influencer” that’s a whole other conversation, but I know I’ve wrestled with those thoughts even post-life as a social media manager (my day job).

This week has turned out to be a beautiful week and the reason for that is two key moments where I have both crashed and burned into a state of self-reflection that jolted me out of being stuck on autopilot at super speed.

  1. Here’s what I learned:
  2. 1. Being busy doesn’t mean you’re being productive

2. Fast doesn’t mean you will get there faster

3. Rest should have a regular slot in the schedule of life

4. There is no such thing as work/life balance there’s only balance

It’s been an eye-opening week, but I am so thankful for the individuals that knowingly and unknowingly played a part in helping me find my feet again amid all the juggling and testing moments.

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