This is about Identity and social pressures and why it’s good for you to know the difference.

Today is International Podcast Day. For those of you who follow you’ll know that I launched my own podcast about two months ago. Today I’ve launched episode 3: Identity and social pressures, and you can listen to it on a bunch of the major podcast platforms including Apple podcast Spotify and GoogleThis week I talk about Identity and outline some of the challenges we face in our face-paced connected world. 

I know I say this a lot but my whole purpose and mission with my business, and this podcast is to bring you inspiration whether that’s through the products I make or the content I create. I want this to be a community where you feel uplifted and inspired to reach your goals, and make a difference in your life, but also more than that I want to make a difference through this business and so one of the key passions of mine has been to make this business give 10% of its profits sold to a pot that would be used to give back into community projects. When I launched the business my mentors at the time were not so keen on the idea, and as a marketer, I noticed there was a growing trend of business owners and founders who saw a demand by consumers looking to make more thoughtful purchases. Whilst seeing all of this, I knew in my heart of hearts that I didn’t want to be perceived as following a trend here. Since I was a little girl I have been empathetic to the need and challenges of our world, and perhaps through my own childhood experiences that have shaped me have a passion for people. I find myself filled with compassion and empathy for those sick kids in the hospital because I was one of them for 18+ years. I find myself with a mothering heart as I see kids having to be adults, and casting no shade on those parents, I have felt torn at the distress and pain I’ve seen that’s outworked itself in people’s lives that shows itself through the book cover of drug addictions, alcoholism, and extreme anxiety. I’ve been bullied through primary school and had to fight through school just to get some kind of grade because I spent half of my time growing up sick and just surviving. I know depression, suicidal thoughts, and whilst I’m an open and warm person, I have got to know anxiety well. 

I say all of that because I don’t want you to think that I am just spouting words, or pretending to be any kind of expert here, but what I do know is my journey through life, my own experiences, and relationships that have shaped and moulded me to where I am today. I may not be where I think or want to be in life, but as a good friend once instructed me to do, I am seeking to enjoy myself on the way to where I’m going. 

I can’t tell you how scary this is to open your mouth and talk. Whilst I know and believe part of my influence of this line of thought probably comes as a result of the social pressures we are all facing with our oh so connected world of social media and digital media. I mentioned last night on my Instagram that I’ve had a few ideas of late for this podcast, and yet when I thought about recording them I felt myself go speechless. Which is something when you get to know me more. I’m rarely speechless. Anyway, I wanted to give you a little context to my story before I jump into some of the thoughts on my heart that I’m about to share with you./n 

Today’s topic is all about identity. I want to come from the angle of social media because that’s what I know and have worked in for many years. I’m a millennial, so I know what it was like to live without mobile phones, and have to use a dial-up connection to reach the internet. Yet, I am also now so embedded in a world where we operate via smartphones, and we’ve become so consumed with a tiny device that sometimes human interaction scares us, and whilst we always recognise it or not, we can find ourselves pitting our lives and comparing our progress to the highlight of someone else’s journey. 

By highlighting this, I’m not saying that we all do it intentionally, but it seems inevitable to compare our worst day with someone’s best day and make judgments often less favourable or kind to ourselves about where we are in our career or our relationship status. And I know that insecurity oh so well. Yet, I am calling it out in my own life today. I know that when I hear that person in a group conversation talk about themselves in a way that sounds like they have the magic sauce and the X factor that more often than not, they too are harbouring their insecurity and really just display it differently to someone who may retract and present themselves to be quiet, and shy. 

Insecurity is something we all have to face in life, and it doesn’t make us bad people. I want to suggest today that there is a difference between what you do, and who you are. Now caveat is that I’m not saying we can do what we want and there will be no consequences, or that it’s cool to do something bad. I’m merely trying to highlight the point that we are all human and we are all trying to figure this journey of life out, and nobody’s life is perfect. 

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.”  Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

This is more of a me-too chat. If you can relate to any of what I’m saying, then let me say back, me too! 

Girl, me too. 

I have displayed this insecurity, got caught up in those unhelpful thinking patterns comparing my journey and business to those who are way further along than me, or are quite frankly just different. Being different is ok. 

And one final point, just because your career takes a longer route than one of your peers that doesn’t mean they are better than you, or that you are not enough, or that there is something wrong with you. 

It’s time we stopped trading our unique identity and the beautiful intricacies that make us who we are. Let’s quit look like the person you think has it all together and trying to copy them. You are a walking miracle. There has never been, and never be another______. Enter your name in the dash. 

It’s time to separate our who from our do.

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