The journey of new beginnings

This week is all about new beginnings. I’ve decided to reboot myself on social after a few months of being a little distracted shall we say with work and the general demands and challenges of life. For anyone new to this site, my name is Leanne MacDuff. I’m the founder of Frame Your World, and it’s my mission to inspire and empower you to be the difference in your world. I am building this business, whilst working full-time for a publishing company. I’m planning to release these posts every Tuesday for now, so I do hope you will come back and take part in the conversation with me. I’m planning some interesting interviews, and collaborations over the next few months and my hope is that this will be more than a place where you can find my hand designed products, but it’s a space where you can come and be encouraged, inspired, and take part in what I hope will be a community that makes a difference in our little section of the world.

So without further ado, here’s a little snippet of my story and what inspired me to create Frame Your World.

I’ve always been entrepreneurial, it was clear from the age of 12 when I built my own newspaper delivery business, to the various ideas and enterprise ventures I began over the years that included creating, building my own social media workshops to running my own social media consultancy. Fast forward to 2016 when I found myself in London, working as a contractor for various marketing and admin roles and facing all the challenges that come with living in a big city, loneliness, dealing with heartbreak (although these can happen anywhere) and all the stress that comes with being a contractor moving from job to job, and home to home for that matter.

London being the transient city that it is, has lots to offer, but by the same token can feel like being in a pressure cooker that’s about to pop. This was my experience anyway. I tell you all of that to give you context to the journey I was on when Frame Your World was birthed.

I was at a real low point personally, (anxiety and depression had been rattling around my life again for some time and I found myself reach a place of complete despair – it got rather dark for a while) but one day through the advice of a friend and a few breadcrumb encouragements that dropped across my path from people in my world at the time, I started to find solace in listening to some of my heroes again.

The thing with anxiety is that when you are going through an anxious moment it’s rather difficult to focus on anything positive or think clear from the brain fog that it produces. It took me a minute to feel calm and be able to see past my current unhappiness to reach for something greater, but once I did… this time there was no turning back.

I would post quotes that encouraged me or ignited passion within me on the wall above my white desk. I had moved away from close friends and family, and at times felt isolated from any community that was around me because of fear and depression. It was intense, and it was a battle to fight my way out of. I still fight today, but I fight from a place of victory with a greater knowing that I am not alone and I am worth fighting for.

Dealing with one thought at a time, one day at a time, I began to get stronger, and that’s when passion re-entered my heart. It wasn’t just about survival anymore; there was a stirring and a dream for something greater. I was itching to create again, but I wasn’t sure how or even what.

One day, I was invited to a friend’s birthday party, and facing typical financial challenges that come with living in a city like London. I had little money to get a gift, so I decided to get creative… I used a thick piece of board that I borrowed from my flatmate and attempted to revive my artist flare writing Love in the style of art deco, which I cut out and wrapped in an 18 x 13 cm frame.

I had no idea how this would go down, but I had put love and effort into it, and I knew my strength was in encouraging people with words. That’s what I know I can do. I will never forget the look on my friends face, and that was it for me. I have become obsessed with doing my best to encourage, inspire, and empower every customer with every gift I’ve created since. That my friend is where it all began…

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