Light up the sky


As it’s bonfire night tomorrow, we thought it was fitting to talk about being a light and encouraging you to light up the sky in your world.

This week we asked a few of our customers and friends what being a light means to them, and how they light up the sky in their world. So without further ado, here’s what they had to say:

“Being a light to me means being someone people can follow, being able to lift those who are feeling heavy, and going beyond myself to make someone else’s sky a bit brighter.” Gillian

“Being a light means offering value to someone else, maybe doing something for someone else that helps them feel. Better about themselves lifts them, supports them, or helps the community grow in some way (animals and plants are included in this too).” Erika

“Being true to yourself and not letting anything hold you back. Also living in the moment.” Angela

To be a light is being positive minded or optimistic, hopeful whatever the situation. A girl can light up her world by surrounding herself with positive friends, I believe this has a good impact on anyone. She will not only light her own world but also those around her. She can also take the time to have some ME time to do something she enjoys that is stress-free. Esabel

“I think it’s about helping others and giving back.” Vicky

“Light up the sky by giving others something to look up and smile about, a smile even, or a coffee for the person behind you in the queue, a gift for someone at work, do something for someone, let the sky be lit up for others so we can all appreciate it.” Gill

Light up the sky is our theme running through November to encourage and inspire you to shine brightly in your world, be bold and confident and allow your beautiful self to light up the world around you. We can’t do everything, but together we can do something to achieve the life we see, and the world we want to live in.

fireworksIf you have something to add to this conversation, please feel free to get in touch, or post on social media using #lightupthesky.

With love,

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