Q&A with fashion and lifestyle blogger Hannah Austyn

I recently sat down with fashion and lifestyle blogger Hannah Austyn to ask a few burning questions I had around her passion for content creation, fashion, and her aligned heart for inspiring others. Grab your coffee, and pull up a chair, you’re in for a treat with today’s Q&A.

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So I know that you took the leap into blogging and business opportunities earlier this year. Where did your passion for fashion and blogging start from, and what led you to the place where you combined them?

Ooh I like this question! Well, I have always had a love for fashion since I was young, I used to ( and still do) get super excited when it was fashion week flicking through Vogue and watching the shows live on Instagram. Then I did a personal styling course about 2 years ago and was like wow I love this. However, trying to get a job in styling when you have no experience is hard. So I decided to start the blog purely as an outlet for my creativity in fashion but since then its become so much more than that to me.

What was one of the biggest lessons or challenges you’ve learned or faced along your journey after stepping out to focus on business full time?

Realising that there’s not a regular pay check at the end of each month!!! Joking aside, its been such an eye-opener for me. Being able to decide when and how you work is so empowering. I’d say the biggest lesson I’ve learned to believe in yourself and don’t let the little voices in your head get you down. Persistence is key and just to keep remembering why you started.

What’s your staple fashion piece/accessory that should be in every wardrobe?

A good jacket. For some people, its shoes or bags but jackets are my thing! I always think you could have the most boring outfit on but put a good jacket on and you feel more confident and it just makes the look.

What’s do the first few minutes of your day look like?

Unfortunately, it’s probably looking at my phone *insert facepalm emoji* its so bad but I just always look at it first thing just to check my notifications quick. Then I read through my notebook that has all my long term plans and affirmations. This reminds me of what my focus is in life and why. I think when you first wake up it really shapes the rest of your day so I try and make it as positive and motivational as possible so I have an amazing, productive day!

How do you stay motivated at work?

Coffee, although I’m trying to drink less because I actually don’t like it! Sometimes though if I am super excited about a project then I’m so wired about, I could have had four hours of sleep and still be on my iPad for ages typing away. I just think if your excited and inspired by what you’re doing enough then that’s your motivator and for me, my work is everything to me so I’m always motivated.

If you were to frame your world with one inspirational quote what would it be?

My go to quote that I say probably at least once to myself daily and probably 100 times to family and friends is, “Happiness is progress”. If you’re not doing something out of your comfort zone, if you’re saying no when deep down you want to say yes to new things then your not progressing in life or making yourself happy. I think giving yourself little goals each day is such a mood booster. Like how fulfilling is ticking off a to-do list??! That’s proof that happiness is progress!! It’s also an amazing quote to make you feel more grateful; because if you look back at all the “progress” you have made in your life its so humbling which is also such an amazing way to feel happier. So yes, to end this questionnaire the quote I live by is also the foundations for my brand, Become Your Best Self. Always striving to be and do better is all I want to do in life. Thank you so much for the Q&A Leanne xxxx

To find out more about Hannah you can connect with her by clicking on the image below to explore Hannah Austyn channels.

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