Thoughts of a girl boss

Every day really is a school day. I just wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts and lessons I’ve encountered as a reminder to us all that we are all on a journey and we’re all human.

Girl gazing out sea

Thoughts from Hengistbury Head, Bournmouth.

The context of what I’m about to say was birthed out of the challenge of working in corporate environment during a busy and stressful week.

Sometimes being in a place of leadership sucks. When you start off as friends with your team mates and soon discover there are all kinds of politics wrapped up in the corporate world amongst all our insecurities to contend with that get in the way. It makes me sad. Does anyone else feel like this? Now, maybe it’s naive to think it could be another way, but I’d rather air on the side of let’s try to be team players, and if you a privileged to be in a position of management then let’s strive to be better leaders that serve people better. If you are looking to make moves in the direction of management then my lesson to share with you is to strive to be a better listener.

“We grow when we become good listeners.”



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