Upside down house: Setting your life in order

This week, I have been inspired by this beautiful “hybrid of street art and experimental entertainment,” according to Bournemouth’s own tourism website.

I took my own snap during a spontaneous trip last weekend, and it was pretty cool. The website describes this the first inverted wooden structure as a first in the UK giving guests a zero-gravity illusion experience. So if you have ever wondered what it would be like to live upside down, then this is the place to visit!

Now you have to pay to go inside, but I’ve included the link for you to have a glimpse of what the house looks like from the inside. This has been a great source of inspiration for this week’s post which is all about getting our lives in order. If you follow me on any other social media platform you might have discovered my theme this week is all about daring to believe, but one of the main things I am currently being challenged with is that in order to go after something we must first prepare. Today I want to talk about setting your life in order and getting us to think about what we might need to do to achieve a goal or a dream. What are we doing with the time we have? Are we taking the steps required to build the life we want? It’s easy to say we want something, but the proof my friends is really in the pudding.

Here are a few of my own top tips (things I am currently working on to set my life in order). I hope it helps, but if you have any that you want to share, then please do.

  1. 1. Set the tone, create an atmosphere

Now may look different for everyone, but one of the fundamentals for me to setting the right tone and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to my goal of getting work or writing done is to clean my space. If you are looking for inspiration to help you with that then I highly recommend that you follow Mrs Hinch on Instagram. I love her, and I have to thank her for making me fall in love with cleaning my bathroom (and anything in general). I have been a massive fan of candles and scents for a long time. At the moment, I’m often burning wintery smells and love my lavender plug at night, which just helps to create a calm space before bed.

  1. 2. Review and assess your time

Take time to reflect. Take a stock check of what you’re spending your time, money, your resources on. This helps me to look at what can be cut back, what can be increased and is a great exercise for identifying areas that I might want to improve on to achieve better results for myself in a particular area. For example, I recently got back into exercise and going to the gym. I told myself I was too busy for months, but I felt increasingly anxious and tired, low energy, to the point I knew that I had to stop and look revisit my schedule. I became determined that no matter what I knew I had to sign up to a gym, because my plan to do workouts at home after work where not suffice to say the least – there were too many distractions. Upon taking the step to sign up to the gym at work, I took another look at my timetable and committed to one lunchtime class, and two half an hour classes before work, twice a week. This was manageable for the first week and will be my goal, but I have set some time aside on my day off to plan ahead for the week and have allowed myself to be flexible with the ever-changing demands of my work schedule. This is also a step you’ll want to repeat and revisit often. I like to have a yearly check-in on the big goals around December and one in January, and a whole batch of mini-weekly check-in sessions with myself. Otherwise, known as a coffee date.

3. Pick a few and follow through

Now I have been guilty of trying “to build Rome in a day,” but my advice is don’t do it! Pick between two-three goals at a time and set realistic time bound targets. Start small, and build up. Let your yes be yes, and your no be non. In other words, do what you say you will do.

  1. 4. Prepare, practice, and reflect.

In the 15 laws of growth, author John Maxwell talks about the importance of preparing, practicing, and reflecting for every goal you set.

woman sitting at a table with colourful hanging lights above
  1. 5. Sleep

This can often be underrated, but for mindfulness and productivity, this is essential. I am work in progress here but I find bedtime yoga, and putting phones down before bedtime really help improve my sleep quality and in turn, set me up for a better day.

  1. 6. Write it down

I keep a notebook next to my bed for ideas and notes to scribble things down as they come into my head. This is particularly important for when I am writing fiction and equally important to get through my day job. For anyone who doesn’t know yet, I work as a social media manager during the day. Working across a multitude of platforms can be demanding and often fast-paced, so writing things down with good old pen and paper helps me feel organised and ready for the day. I do use my outlook calendar, and I do have a digital notebook, but when I write with pen and paper I find that I focus more, learn more, and remember more. Science will tell you that when you write things down you stay on top of your memory game for longer.

hand writing in notebook

I love this quote that I found when searching for motivation that says, “a dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.” I hope that my tips and tricks have inspired and helped you master the art setting your house upright and in order.

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