Why Motherhood is so great and five tips how to prepare

Happy Mother’s Day to you if you are a mum, mum to be, or would like to be one day. I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the amazing ladies in my world who do a phenomenal job against all the odds in raising children today. I know it’s not been easy. I was shocked to read in an article in the New York Times that the cost of rising childcare has increased by 65 percent since the early 1980s. I also know that mum’s don’t necessarily come in one size fits all.

So with that being said, I think there is definitely lots of reasons to be celebrating Mum’s today. I asked a few members of our community what inspired them most about their mum and motherhood in general. Here’s what they said:

“I think the thing I admire most about motherhood is innate strength.”

Beth, Oxfordshire

“My mum is a huge inspiration to me and truly is my biggest cheerleader. She completely champions me in everything I do and is always standing by, ready to support me. I know it’s not always easy for her to sit back and let me get on with my crazy big dreams and plans, but I appreciate everything she does for me and all the support she gives to me.”

Eleanor, Oxfordshire


“My mum is my best friend. Some of the things I treasure about her is her sense of humor. She’s a joker and always has a way of seeing the funny side of any situation. She is also one of the biggest givers I know. Even when she has a little she always has enough to bless others. She is a treasure beyond words”

Luipa, Glasgow

I know that my mum is one of a kind. She has the most amazing, generous, and loving heart that I’ve ever encountered. I am not a mum, yet, but I have the privilege of doing life with some of the most inspiring, beautiful, and a superhero mum’s who I have asked to give their top tips on motherhood for those new to motherhood or future mum’s to be, and what it’s like being a mum.

mum and baby

“It’s been the biggest challenge of my life. A roller coaster ride full of emotions. A little life brought into the world and with only her mum to guid her through life.
We are the ones that learn every second of each day, to teach, lead by example, to keep a brave face, and show love and compassion for our children to grow storage and believe anything is possible.”

Amber, Oxfordshire

Top tips for motherhood

    Be kind to yourself – the best thing you can give your baby is your best self so be gentle with you, give yourself time & don’t think for one minute that everyone else has it all figured out because we’re all winging it together.
    Trust your instincts, even if you’re surviving on coffee biscuits and the same clothes for a week your gut will keep you right whether it’s about working out your routine, yours & baby’s health or knowing what works best for your new little – you’re Mum & you know best.

Image credit: Gillian, with baby Ruth, Falkirk, Scotland. Used with permission.

    • Ask for help when you need it & accept help when it’s offered; if you have trusted people around you who can & will help then go for it! Even if it’s just someone who wants to bring round a cake and can cuddle baby while you shower or someone willing to bring round a meal/run the hoover round while you recover. If you don’t have that network don’t stress, no housework or any other task is more important than being a Mum.
    • Take your time, this is new to Mum/Dad & baby. You guys are getting to know each other and falling in love with each other. It took 10 months for a baby to grow, your body, your mind, your emotions, and dare I say it your hormones all take time to adjust to this big change & it’ll be easier if you take your time! Be confident that this is all going to come together, you are all in it together and the hard times will pass!
    • Practical top tips – stock up your freezer with those tin foil dishes of your favourite nutritious meals, take your post-pregnancy vitamins, ready your post-partum comfy clothes in similar colours so you can do quick and easy loads of laundry, try to get out for a walk every day to give you and baby some fresh air – it might not seem like an easy or great idea at the time but it’ll be worth it in the end and lastly SLEEP!!! Whenever and however you can. If the baby’s sleeping you sleep, don’t feel guilty or overwhelmed by the laundry/dishes/general disarray – sleep & rest without guilt or doubt about what you’re doing. Healthy Mummy healthy baby!
    • I’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a very happy Mother’s Day, and if you have any tips that you think our mum’s in this community should know about, please let me know!

Image credit: Mother and baby by Daria Shevtsova. Public Domain via Pexels.

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