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Welcome to Frame Your World: Where Creativity and Inspiration Unite

Hello there! I'm Leanne, the imaginative mind behind Frame Your World Co. Originally hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Scotland, I've found my creative haven in the vibrant embrace of Oxfordshire. Balancing a full-time job and my passion for art, I'm on a mission to add a touch of magic to your world.

Embracing the Journey: From Scotland to Oxfordshire

My story began amidst the picturesque landscapes of Scotland, where my love for words and art first bloomed. Now nestled in the charming corners of Oxfordshire, I've turned my passion into a purpose – to inspire and uplift through every stroke of my hand-designed creations.

Crafting Moments with Care: Handmade Cards, Art Prints, Personalised Stationery in the UK

At Frame Your World, we believe in crafting moments that matter, whether it's through our carefully designed hand-lettered creations, bespoke cards, or captivating art prints. In a world filled with mass-produced products, we're proud to stand for the authenticity and charm of handmade craftsmanship. Each stroke of the brush, every carefully placed letter, all come together to form a unique piece that resonates with your emotions and personal style.

Inspiration at the Heart: Inspirational Art Prints and Customised Stationery

Our journey is rooted in a deep passion for inspiring and uplifting your life. Frame Your World isn't just a brand – it's a commitment to bringing joy, positivity, and inspiration into your everyday world. From adorning your walls with meaningful art prints to sending heartfelt cards that express your sentiments, every piece carries a whisper of our dedication.

Community and Connection: UK Handmade Cards and Art Prints

More than just creating products, we're building a community. A community that shares a love for creativity, a zest for life, and a belief in the power of genuine connection. Each Frame Your World creation is a thread that weaves us together, reminding us that our stories are intertwined.

Your Home, Your Canvas: Personalised Art Prints and Bespoke Cards

Our mission is simple yet profound: to add a touch of creativity and joy to your home. Whether it's a custom-made card that captures the essence of your message or an art print that resonates with your spirit, every piece is designed to turn your space into a canvas of inspiration.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Your support fuels our creativity, and we're excited to continue spreading positivity, one creation at a time.

Let's frame moments, memories, and dreams – together.

Warmly, Leanne

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